• Tips + Tricks: How to Wear Summer Fragrances

    We’re balancing the heat by keeping things light with our perfumes. Think citrus, delicate florals, freshly-snipped mint leaves, and juicy summer stone fruits. The season’s also got us thinking about how we wear perfume: it’s a more subtle shift that’s equally considered. From making the most of a fragrance to selecting one perfectly suited for the season, we’ve got you covered.

    First things first: selecting a fragrance for summer. Our top picks for summer pair a level of fresh with a level of spice, and stick to an overall balanced composition that's cooling and fresh. For example, our new UO exclusive perfume Fleur Monoi combines blood orange and tiara flower with earthy driftwood. Cotes Des Palmes balances the grit of sea salt with delicately sweet coconut. 

    If you're looking for something to last a little bit longer in the summer, you can also give a solid perfume a try. These tend to last a bit longer than spray perfumes due to the formulation, especially in summer when it's so easy to sweat off every beauty product.

    Other notes that work well for summer:
    -green tea

    Tips on wear:
    In general, perfume wears best when applied to the base of the throat, wrists, or back of the neck — it's activated by heat, so the pulse points are your guide. 

    Keep things subtle and natural by adding a light spray of fragrance to a scarf or bandana before heading out for the day. In general, fragrances tend to last longer when sprayed on fabrics, so if you're looking to keep your scent strong all day long, spritzing on a bandana (or T-shirt) is a better option than spraying directly onto your skin (it's also a great option for sensitive skin!)

    Just make sure not to go overboard. Remember, even if you can't smell your perfume after a few hours, that doesn't mean other people can't! There's usually no need to reapply perfume halfway through the day. Keep the people around you happy about your scent, not suffocated.

    Speaking of long-lasting solutions, a spritz of perfume in your hair is another secret trick for keeping fragrance delicate and subtle (also — dirty hair fans unite — it's an easy way to give hair a second...or third-day pick-me-up). If you'd rather not spray directly into your hair, you can also spritz a bit of perfume on your hairbrush and distribute it through hair that way...or add a quick spray to your pillow as you're going to sleep. (Literal) sweet dreams. 

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