• Tips + Tricks: Grooming with Baxter of California

    Baxter of California has slowly been taking over our personal grooming collection, from hair creams to body washes—and for good reason. We stopped by the brand’s flagship barber shop to get some tips on their favorite skincare practices.
    Photos by Sean Ryan Pierce

    Face it fellow gents, the age of "skincare products are for girls" has been dead and buried for quite some time now. We all get older, so lets get wiser and fight the impending signs of aging, negative effects from the sun, and the impurities that sweating can leave behind. And while the skincare game can seems like a daunting thing to jump face-first into, we're here, along with Baxter of California, to show you how to set up a morning and/or nighttime regimen fit for beginners and the experienced groomers alike.

    "Routine is key. At Baxter of California we encourage guys to find a regimen that at minimum does 3 primary things: cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Washing your face every morning and night with Daily Face Wash helps remove dirt and grime without drying out skin. Using the Herbal Mint Toner after washing keeps skin looking tight and shine-free. And finishing up with Oil Free Moisturizer locks in moisture with a matte finish that lasts all day."

    So if you are going to spring for the bare essentials, you'll want something to rid your face of dirt, tighten up the skin a bit, and then another to lock in moisture keeping your skin feeling soft and looking fresh. And when you are ready to take things a bit further, you can spring for something like the Exfoliating Body Bar to take all of your skin to the next level.

    We talked with the brand a bit further to see how the Baxter of California was founded, exactly where the products come from, and what the ideas behind these easy to use essentials initially were.

    Can you give us a brief background on the company?
    Guys love our pomades and a lot of them are surprised to learn that our roots are actually in skincare. Baxter of California was founded in 1965 by a guy named Baxter Finley, an ad man who moved from New York to Los Angeles and quickly noticed that the Cali climate was taking a toll on his skin. Unable to find a skincare product made for men, he decided to create one. The rest, as they say, is history, and today we pay homage to Mr. Finley through our flagship barbershop in Los Angeles called Baxter Finley Barber & Shop.

    How does Baxter determine which product to tackle next?
    That is a really great question! We always start with trying to understand men and their needs. Male grooming habits are evolving every day and we want to meet those needs with the latest innovations in plant and science technology. Our network of professionals and influencers also play a key role in this. They are constantly sharing with us the latest trends and techniques, always inspiring us to develop the next new product or grooming ritual.

    What’s an area of grooming guys should focus on that they usually don’t?
    The face—more so for the bearded. We’re seeing more guys getting into treatment of the beard hair and completely forgetting that the skin underneath the mane needs a bit of TLC. Fellas, if you’ve noticed a dry flakiness coming from your beard, there’s a good chance that it's mostly dead skin cells. We recommend getting in there with a coarse facial scrub at least once a week and maintaining your skin’s health with a light moisturizer (like our Oil Free Moisturizer). Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Dry skin ruins lives.

    What’s something guys should own that they usually don’t?
    A quality razor, a quality comb, and a sense of style.

    What are the best ways to keep your skin looking young and rejuvenated?
    Keep it clean and keep it hydrated—Daily Face Wash & Oil Free Moisturizer make it super easy. For guys looking to upgrade their skincare routine, our Under Eye Complex, Night Cream AHA, and Clay Mask are must-haves.

    What are some of the grooming product ingredients guys should be sure to steer clear of?
    A good rule of thumb is to try and avoid products with alcohol, which is a very common ingredient in men’s toners and aftershaves. Alcohol tends to overly dry the skin and causes your body to increase oil production to compensate—leading to greasy skin. It’s a slippery slope (pun intended). 

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