• Tips + Tricks: Brushed Up Brows

    Recently, we've been obsessed with everything brows. From filling them in to making sure they're trimmed properly, we can't get enough. Since we've started to feel pretty competent at our filling-in skills, we decided to find out the basics behind a newer trend we've seen: brushed up brows. After seeing the look floating around the internet on various models, we decided to reach out to one of our favorite Instagrammers, Ebba Davidsson, who rocks the look herself, to find out her secrets to getting those perfectly groomed brows. Read on for her tips!
    Photos by Erika Ståhl

    1. To start off, make sure your face makeup is done before working on your brows. We've found that it's just easier to do brows last when filling them in and setting them, because you don't have to worry about working around them with your foundation and moisturizer.

    2. When you're all ready to start your brows, use a clear mascara to brush up the brows and kind of comb through them a little. This makes them a bit thicker and helps you recognize what shape you'll be working with. There are plenty of clear mascaras available out there, but we love this Anastasia Clear Brow Gel because it's made specifically for brows.

    3. Next, fill in your brows as much as you'd like to. We recommend this bh cosmetics brow trio, because there are multiple colors. Perfect for blending the exact shade. Ebba uses the darkest shade in her brow powder and applies it with the rounded end of the brow brush, using the powder to create a smudged look in her brows.

    4. After filling in your brows with the brow powder, use the clear mascara again to brush up the brows and smooth out the brow powder you've already put on. This will make the brows look more natural and will also "plump" them up a bit.

    5. When finished brushing up your brows, you can add some white highlighter under the brows to really make them pop. Ebba added some directly under her eyebrows, as well as in the corners of her eyes, and then gently smudged it out as you can see in the pictures above. (Or as she said, "Here I am smudging it out/lovingly caressing my eyebrows.")

    6. Once you're finished highlighting, run a dry mascara brush through the brows one final time, and then your look is complete! Perfectly brushed up brows. Thanks, Ebba!

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