• Tips + Tricks: An Inspired Desk

    Get organized! Here, we use pegboard and a little creative know-how to build the perfect desk. With our tips on how to style out your workspace, you'll be well on your way to best fueling your creative process.
    Photos by Michael Persico

    To start, you'll need some supplies. Obviously the first thing you'll need is a desk. (We used the Elsa Sawhorse Desk if you like what you see in the above photos.) After that, you'll need a few things to help bring your desk to life. The options are (probably) endless, but here's a list of what we used to make the pegboard desk seen above:

    -pegboard (can be found at most home improvement stores)
    -hooks that fit into the pegboard (generally sold with the pegboard or near it)
    -wire baskets
    -Instax photos
    -photo hanger
    -sticky notes
    -everything Poppin

    Once you have everything you think you might want for your desk, set it aside, because it's time to hang up your pegboard. If you'd like to hang the pegboard directly on the wall, first you'll need to find the studs in your wall. Mark the studs with your pencil. (Make sure that you aren't hanging this up on drywall. Pegboard isn't super heavy, but once you add in all your desk items, drywall won't be able to support it.) Position your pegboard where you'd like it to hang and use your level to ensure that everything is straight. When you've found the right spot, mark two of the corner holes using your pencils.

    For the hooks to hang properly on the pegboard, you'll need to also create a wooden frame for the pegboard so it's not hanging directly on the wall (some good instructions can be found here). The extra gap behind the pegboard allows for the metal hooks to be slotted in.

    If you're like "making a wooden frame for this is far too much work, I only own a broken screwdriver" you can simply prop the pegboard on your desk at an angle (as seen in our photos). This allows the metal hooks to still be hung up and won't leave any lasting holes, which is especially great if you're in a rental. Just make sure to anchor the bottom with a stack of books or two otherwise you'll run the risk of having it slip down.

    Once the pegboard is up, all you have to do is decorate to your liking! We focused on what we'd really want at our desks (for example, we thought hanging up our headphones was an ingenious idea since we mostly use our desk for internetting), but it's also a great place to hang memories and be a little more creative. We found scraps of paper to mix in and also hung up some Instax photos that we'd been hanging onto for a while.

    If you'd like a little more inspiration, we also recommend checking out our recent Creative Workspaces post. It made us seriously want to clean up our desk lives - there's a creative option for everyone.

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