• Tips + Tricks: All About Oils

    The latest beauty obsession is... everything oils! Which we're totally on board with, because all naturals oils are good to use for nearly any skincare ailment, and are incredibly moisturizing - a must-have for the winter. While we may have all grown up thinking that oils are bad for our skin, this is a new era, filled with magical, skin-nourishing natural oils that really and truly help skin rather than hurt it. Want to learn the basics? Read on!
    Photos by Michael Persico and Nicholas Maggio

    Okay, so just to reiterate: oils are good! They may seem a little confusing and even intimidating at first, but they're really no different from standard moisturizers at the end of the day; they just take a little getting used to is all. First, let's break down why facial oils are actually good and not some horrifying creation that will turn your face into a pizza. The reason facial oils work so well is because they're all formulated with natural oils instead of synthetic oils. This means they'll work with your skin rather than against it. The synthetic oils are what you don't want to be putting all over your face, and why we all grew up fearing any kind of oil.

    Obviously facial oils are a must for anyone with dry skin, but if your skin is already oily, adding more (natural) oil to your face will actually help it. The natural oil in the facial oils you see in stores will only combat the sebum (aka oil) of your skin and neutralize it, making your skin smoother, shine-free, and more even in tone. One oil that we specifically recommend for oily skin is the Herbivore Botanicals Lapis facial oil - the brand owners recommended it themselves, and we're hooked! Another benefit of oils is that they're also easy to use, and can be applied day or night (although we personally recommend using them at night in order to give them a chance to soak in).

    When it comes to applying facial oils, we've seen people recommend two different ways: under moisturizer and over moisturizer. While we don't think it makes too much of a difference in the end, we're partial to putting our oil on over our moisturizer because it feels like it's locking in the moisture. If you'd like to apply facial oil in the morning but worry about getting a little too shiny, a tip we've found handy is this: mix a drop or two of facial oil into your foundation instead - it will still moisturize, and will help the foundation apply more evenly, (especially if you're battling dry winter skin), but you won't have to worry about whether or not your facial oil has absorbed enough as you head off to school or work.

    If you love oils so much that you want to use them all over, then you're in luck: oils can be used on the body as well. There are some oils that double as facial and body moisturizers for all the multitaskers out there (like this one from Skin & Bones), but other lines make oils that are specifically made for full-body use, as well as ones that are specifically for face use (like these oils from BUTTER Elixir, which we highly recommend). As long as you stay away from any oils that contain mineral oil or synthetic oils, your skin should react favorably to most concoctions unless your skin is incredibly sensitive.

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