• Tie-Dye DIY: Techniques

    Now that we've covered the basics, try out these fun tie-dye techniques that will have you mastering the craft in no time!  Here, Stevie and Allegra from our women's design team explain how to do the spiral, the bunch, the accordion, and dip-dyeing.

    The Spiral
    "Spirals are easiest to create on anything that has a large surface area like T-shirts or pillow cases or sheets! Start by pinching the middle of the shirt, or at the side (wherever you want the center of the spiral to be) and continue twisting until it’s a big swirl.

    Wrap around the rubber bands tight—tight enough so that the fabric is in a good tight bunch. Try not to loose the swirl/spiral shape when adding the bands. Add as many rubber bands as you wish.  The tighter the bands the more white will show and the looser the bands the more dye will saturate the fabric.  

    From there, follow the steps from our first how-to guide and voilà!

    The Bunch
    This design really has no rules! Just start bunching up the fabric in any which way, and add the rubber bands. We chose a two pairs of BDG denim cut offs for this one!  Remember: the more rubber bands the more the dye will resist. For the white pair we added a lot so that the white of the denim will show up more in the final product.

    The Accordion
    This design can either make horizontal or vertical stripes. We chose a cute pair of white jeans to start for a horizontal line effect. Start by pleating the fabric from the base of the pant to the top. You can either do both legs at the same time or each separately to have a different design on each side!

    Something like dip dyeing is a cool base coat for your garments, and super easy.  Just dip a portion of your chosen item in dye and let it dry. 

    If you want an ombre affect, try dipping the garment really quick as a whole, then pinning with clothes pins to your bucket or bin and let the bottoms soaking for a good 20-30 minutes to really saturate the ends.

    If you make some mistakes, don't worry.  Tie-dye is very forgiving—although you cannot undo any mistakes, you can always keep adding!  Happy tie-dyeing everyone!"