• Thursday Tip-Off: Wrapping A Gift

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    Wrapping gifts is a skill that doesn't come easily to most. Luckily, with hard work and perseverance, it's a skill that can be learned. With the holidays fast approaching, here's our foolproof way to wrap gifts, totally ensuring that they won't look like your 3-year-old brother wrapped them.

    1. To start, make sure you have a large, flat space to work on. Plopping down on a rug seems like the coziest option, but for professional looking gifts, you'll need a smooth surface. This will give you a wrinkle-free wrap job.

    2. Once you have your space, flip your present upside down onto your unrolled wrapping paper. (This makes it so that any seams are on the bottom of the box.) Cut your paper so that you have enough on each side to cover half of the bottom.

    Photo by Michael A. Muller

    Above: Knot & Bow Black and White Cats Gift Wrap Set

    3. After your wrapping paper is cut, tape along two parallel sides using double-sided tape or invisible wrapping tape. If there is any excess paper, trim with scissors. Make sure your paper is taut so that there are no wrinkles! Now you have your box fully wrapped with two open ends on parallel sides.

    4. Next comes the tricky part: wrapping up the corners. The easiest way to keep your wrapping smooth is by pushing in each of the corners to create four flaps. Crease these flaps with your nail to make sure they're extra crisp.

    5. Once each corner is folded in, fold down along the top of the box. If there's any excess paper, you can trim with scissors or simply fold and crease. Do the same to the bottom of the box and then use your double sided tape to secure. The key to getting a display-worthy present is keeping edges crisp and trimming extra paper so nothing gets lumpy.

    6. After your final edges are taped up, your present should be good to go! You can then top with your favorite ribbon, twine, photos, or fresh pine.

    Photo via UO Los Angeles

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