• Thursday Tip-Off: Storage Solutions

    Our Thursday Tip-Off series is a weekly set of tips, suggestions, and tricks for making you a better-informed person. You're welcome.

    Ready for cold weather? This week we're taking a look at how to store bulky sweaters, boots, and coats this winter, especially when you have less than ideal closet and storage space.

    Above: Tower Clothing Rack

    1. If you're like us, then you've accumulated a ton of winter coats over the years. And, again, if you're like us, then you've started to run out of space to keep them all. For extra room outside of a coatroom, a heavy-duty wall hook by the front door is great, no-brainer storage space for hanging coats in the winter, and purses and other items in the summer. If you have a little extra floor space, a clothing rack + attached shoe rack is another option for keeping everything in one organized space.

    (Small closets and small apartments go hand-in-hand, which is why we're big fans of the rolling rack. While having your clothing out in the open isn't ideal, it can be a fun way to curate your clothing - like your very own boutique right in your room.)

    2. For any extra coats that you aren't wearing all the time but still want to keep handy, it's actually super easy to fold them, throw them into plastic bins, and keep them in basement storage or under the bed. Just make sure that your coats are cleaned and dry before storing, especially if they're coats you tend to wear out from time-to-time.

    3. If you're pulling out a ton of sweaters for fall and winter, but don't have enough space to hang them, get a hanging sweater organizer so that you're able to hang multiple sweaters in a very small space. (Like a tiny dorm closet.) Another plus of folding your sweaters means you won't have to worry about distorting the shoulders of your sweaters when hanging them.

    4. For anyone who doesn't have extra closet space to add in a second shelf, and may not have extra room in a dresser for chunky sweaters, buying more of the aforementioned plastic bins to slide under your bed also work well for storage. But, like your coats, make sure that your sweaters are washed before storing them in the bins, otherwise they can get a little musty.

    Above: Gridlock Hanging Shoe Rack

    5. When you have 10 different pairs of boots kickin' around in the winter, sometimes it can be hard to find a good place to keep them all. If your apartment doesn't have hardwood floors, buy a small plastic boot tray to keep by your front door, to help keep any salt + ice from getting tracked onto your carpeting or rugs. For someone with roommates, buying a small, adjustable shoe rack will help keep everything organized and in one spot.

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