• Thursday Tip-Off: Serious Munchies

    Our Thursday Tip-Off series is a weekly set of tips, suggestions, and tricks for making you a better-informed person. You're welcome.

    It’s a normal afternoon in April. Just like any other. The weather is beautiful. There’s only one problem: you need some food. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite snacks and treats for when you’re suddenly and inexplicably famished. Make sure to share you pass to the left and share with a friend. 

    Cheesy Frito Popcorn
    Whether you have the perfect movie lined up or you’re ready to power through an entire season’s worth of Rick and Morty, this Cheesy Frito Popcorn is the perfect salty snack to indulge in with friends. It’s a multi-step recipe, so you can all take part in making the magic happen. 
    Get the recipe here
    Photo by CJ Harvey

    Trail Mix Mountain Bars
    The perfect snack for an excursion out into the world.  Jessie Snyder’s Trail Mix Mountain These bars keep well at room temperature, so they work well for a day hike or trip where you will not have any refrigeration. This recipe makes 8 bars. 
    Find the recipe here 
    Photo and recipe by Jessie Snyder 

    Mug Cakes
    Umm, did you know that you can make cakes in a mug… in the microwave? Yeah, amazing right? It’s like, the easiest dessert known to mankind. Jessie Snyder whipped up three mug cookie cakes that you can customize on your own. Check them out here.  
    Photo and recipe by Jessie Snyder

    Mac and Cheese 2 Ways 
    A classic throwback to your childhood, mixed up with your more adult tastes (avocado, anyone?). Haley Hunt Davis showed us 2 ways to remix a childhood classic. Just wait for it to cool down before you dig in. Find the recipes here
    Photos by Haley Hunt Davis 

    Rainbow Popsicles
    It’s the perfect time of year for freshly made vegan popsicles. Cool down after an afternoon in the sun with this colorful rainbow pop recipe put together by none other than Paige Adams. Made from fresh or frozen fruit and coconut water, your tastebuds will thank you. Find out how to make them here
    Recipe and photos by Paige Adams

    Frozen Made Fancy 
    Sometimes it’s best to work with what you got. Raid the freezer and whip something up. Whether you’ve got pizza on hand or have something sweeter in mind, we’ll show you a couple solutions to turn your frozen foods into something fancy
    Photos by Mike Persico 

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