• Thursday Tip-Off: Photo Collage

    Our Thursday Tip-Off series is a weekly set of tips, suggestions, and tricks for making you a better-informed person. You're welcome.

    Lately, we've been increasingly obsessed with our Instax cameras. A few years ago, the brand only had one instant camera: the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. Now, Fujifilm has expanded the line to include a handful of variations on their bestselling original. There's the Instax Mini 90, essentially the same as the Mini 8 but smaller and with more photo settings; the Instax 210 Wide (shoots larger photos); and the Instax Wide 300, which is a little less bulky than the original 210. And if you don't want to lug around a camera, there's even an option that allows you to print directly from your phone: the Instax Smartphone Printer. All of these options mean we have more instant film than we know what to do with, which is why it's time for us to get a little creative when it comes to displaying them.

    For starters, we love the idea behind these filtered lenses. They're super easy to pop directly onto the front of the camera and give any photo a flat color, no matter what the subject is. The pack comes with four different filters so it's easy to get a good collection going if you switch out the colors with every new pack of film. Once you have 20+ photos, a fun way to display them is in a color-coordinated grid on the wall (as seen above!). Looks super cute and is something a little more exciting than just tacking up regular photographs.

    If you're looking to add another cool effect into your instant pics to make a unique collage, this olloclip iPhone Lens will add effects like fisheye, wide angle, and macro zoom. Once you have a photo you like, you can filter through any photo editing app and then print out your final creation on the Instax Printer. (This means that even any graphics you add within an app will get printed out too! Hint: we like Pic Collage's sticker packs the best.)

    If you're someone who likes to share all your photos to social media immediately, then the Polaroid Socialmatic Camera is going to be your favorite invention of 2015. Basically, it functions as a real camera, but it can share your photos to your social media app of choice and it prints out a hard copy of the photo as well. A great way to sync up your Instagram feed to your IRL wall collage.

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