• Thursday Tip-Off: Getting Festive

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    Okay, we're almost officially out of shopping days, which means it's time to get all those presents that you've been buying for the last month packaged up and ready to go. Cue up the Mariah Carey, make a cozy cocktail, and get ready to get into the holiday spirit.
    Lead photo via @tezzamb

    UO Gifted: DIY Holiday Cards

    Need a cute way to personalize your presents? DIY holiday cards using Instax photos is a quick, easy way to help your presents stand out from the pack. Here, Tess Guinery shows off three different ways to use Instax photos to create your best holiday cards yet.

    UO DIY: Block Printed Gift Wrap

    Extend those DIY skills to your gift wrap, using nothing more than a few sponges, twine and jars of paint. Get those hands dirty and show your loved ones how much you care with some homemade block printed gift wrap that'll make any gift look like a million bucks.

    UO DIY: Handmade Gift Wrapping

    More homemade gift wrapping! This one focuses on bright colors and geometric shapes. The best part? All you need are a couple potatoes and some stamp pads. (Bonus: it took us less than half an hour to stamp out multiple sheets!) Read above for our quick DIY so that you, too, can make your very own, handmade wrapping paper to customize your gifts this season.

    UO DIY: Instax Gift Wrap

    For a simple DIY wrapping that doesn't require altering your Instax photos at all, wrap your present in brown paper. Once the present is wrapped, use your twine to wrap around the outside and create a bow. Stick your chosen Instax photo under the twine and secure with tape. (Pro-tip: washi tape is even cuter!) Who doesn't love getting an Instax photo?

    UO DIY: Sparkling String Light Tree

    Still need some holiday cheer in your life? Clear some wall space, grab your string lights, and whip up a masterpiece that will never die. We show you how here. It's super easy and can be done last minute, even if you have guests arriving in a few hours time.

    On The Menu: Vegan Eggnog

    Keep your crafting session festive with some of this vegan eggnog. It's perfect for all the ‘nog lovers out there who want to drink festively without the egg. We’ve got you covered with this vegan-friendly recipe from food blogger Renee Byrd.

    On The Menu: New Year's French 75 Cocktails

    Finally, to keep things merry into the new year, try out these French 75 Cocktails. Because celebrating with champagne is mega important.