• Thursday Tip-Off: Cozy Up

    Our Thursday Tip-Off series is a weekly set of tips, suggestions, and tricks for making you a better-informed person. You're welcome.

    This week, we’re turning the focus inside. The days are shorter, the nights are chillier, and sure, it’s pretty beautiful outside. But don’t neglect the nest, the place you lay your head, your home base. It’s the perfect time of year to get some things together and spruce up to make your apartment as cozy as can be for the impending cold. Here we outline a few tips to make the most of your domestic space. Don’t say we didn’t give you a great heads up. 
    Lead image by @patafs

    Image by @khulmegs

    1. Stay inspired while you stay inside. Fall is the perfect time to refresh your art collection and hang some of your favorite new pieces. Whether you’re careful curating the perfect gridded layout or simply covering your walls head to toe in creative inspiration, make sure you’re keeping great creative energy around you. Shop the UO Print Shop

    Photo by @gli.art_maybe

    2. There’s something seriously magical about string lights. From sprucing up summertime backyard barbecues, to adding a twinkling touch to your loft bed, they’re super adaptable indoors and out and add a particular effervescence that’s hard to duplicate. For the fall time, they imbue any small space with a seasonal moodiness and they look darn good on the ‘gram. Bundle up, light up those string lights, and get cozy. 

    Photo by Frankie Marin

    3. Nothing invites introspection like a a great new book. While you’re enjoying your next pumpkin spice whatever, flip through a good read and 

    Photo by @babylo4

    4. Breakfast in bed. Unarguably the best way to start the day, breakfast in bed is best when its served by someone else. Imagine drinking a cup of coffee when your feet haven’t even touched the floor yet. Rad right? Get the perfect mug here

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