• This Is How You Win Her Back

    Thisishowyouwinherback.com is a website dedicated to, you guessed it, winning back a girl. The guy behind the website broke up with his girlfriend ten months ago (!!!) and now he's decided to start plastering this poster all over NYC in the hopes of winning her back. Two weeks ago he put up 200 posters in one day. He put up 100 last week. The quote on the poster is a Lolita quote that he wrote in her kitchen on the day of their last big fight. Also, it is wrong. Also, I can't tell if this whole "endearing" "romantic" gesture is more or less annoying than if he were to stand outside the girl's window with a boombox playing Peter Gabriel. At least if he chose the boombox option, his poor ex would get to listen to some sweet tunes. Thisishowyoucreepherout, dude.—Katie