• The UO Guide to Natural Beauty

    Start off 2018 right and go into the new year by overhauling your beauty routine. For those with sensitive skin or just a deeper interest in keeping their skincare ingredients clean, we've rounded up three brands that will help make your life a little more natural. Read below to learn a little bit more on each and find out what makes each of these product lines special.
    Photo by CJ Harvey

    Above: OUAI Haircare Products

    The 411: For those with sensitive skin, natural beauty products are a godsend. Parabens, chemicals, and artificial dyes can all be found in beauty products, and if your skin has an issue with the products you're currently using, chances are there's a certain ingredient that's doing the irritating. If you've constantly found yourself unimpressed with drugstore products or higher-end products that don't rely solely on natural ingredients, then giving the all-natural beauty option a shot may be just what your skin needs.

    Ouai's shampoos and conditioners are sulfate-free and their styling products are free of parabens, a synthetic compound that's used as a preservative in beauty products.

    Above: Milk Makeup Blur Stick and Blur Liquid Matte Foundation

    Why we love it: As we mentioned, all-natural skincare is especially great for those of us with sensitive skin, whether we need a product for our face or all-over body use. If your skin has been especially sensitive to fragrances or ingredients in makeup, Milk Makeup uses minimal preservatives and nearly 60% of their line is vegan. (For more info on which of their products qualify as vegan, check their site!)

    Above: H20+ Products

    For more skincare options, H20+ is a natural, water-based line that formulates everything without parabens, mineral oils, or phthalates (a compound that helps make plastics more flexible). Each product is easy to use and minimally irritating, working to hydrate and restore skin, making it ideal for dry, sensitive skin. Not sure what to try? Give the Hydrating Booster a try. It can be added to a serum you already know and love to provide extra moisture.

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