• The Spring Break Art Show

    The Spring Break Art Show, curated by Ambre Kelly and Andrew Gori of The They Co., broke away from the traditional confines of the art fair scene happening the same weekend and opted to do something a little more independent. Using an old NoLita schoolhouse sectioned off into different curatorial spaces, the Spring Break show aims to give voice to not just rising artists but rising curators as well. Wandering through the beautiful old school in NoLita, each section presents it's own personality and vision, leaving with you a wide range of art pieces and installations. From video, sculpture, painting and more, all of the pieces tied into the over-arching theme of "New Mysticism." Below, check out some photos and a few of our favorite pieces from the show. 

    "Wooden Army" by Z Behl

    This installation by Z Behl that greeted you in the second floor hallway of the school was amazing. The playful wooden cut-outs, painted with images from photographs of her friends, floated from the ceiling through winding hallways, emphasizing Behl's interest in movement and photographic documentation. 

    "Green Teeth" by Alix Lambert

    "Big Sausage Pizza II" by Jennifer Chan

    "alonetogether" by Juliana Cerquiera Leite, Grace Villamil, Myla DalBesio

    When I went into this room, which is covered in metallic paper, it was almost completely empty except for some guy sleeping on the floor. Okay, cool dude. But, the purpose of this room is to relax, see, hear and feel within this room but not talk to others in the room, as this installation is a reflection of the solitude one feels when interacting with others on the internet. Leite, Villamil, and DalBesio wanted to create a space where we could all be alone, yet together.

    "Templo" by Melissa Godoy Nieto

    The best part about the exhibition space was that it had so many surprise pieces tucked into different corners of the school. This Godoy Nieto piece took up a small, closet-like room and was particularly beautiful to stumble upon. 

    Tom Smith

    "The Darkness Turns To Night" by Fall On Your Sword + Sarah Bereza

    This video piece could be controlled and featured a lawn mower that, when you cranked the handle, changed the video on the screen. At first you're mowing a lawn and about to hit a woman, but then the screen goes dark and features a bunch of young women ganging up on a girl. A little unnerving, though everyone seemed to love cranking the handle to peek at the darker side of this piece.

    "Masses" by Ambre Kelly

    Howard Raimund Hurst

    Within the context of the school, these awesome Hurst drawings read like hilarious bits of grade-school graffiti. That's how I was born to surf too, man!

    Rachel Rossin

    Myla Dalbesio