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    The Drowners

    So far, 2012 has seen a serious resurgence in the popularity of Britpop and English punk music. Based in New York City, British model and musician Matthew Hitt has recently formed a new band with mates Jack Ridley III, Erik Snyder, and David Rubin to form The Drowners, heavily influenced by the above. Their sound is pleasant, summery, and in many ways comparable to The Smiths. With their new EP, Between Us Girls, just being released, I caught up for a quick interview with Matthew to see what is next for the band. - Maddie

    Tell me a little bit about how you guys formed as a band.
    I moved to New York last year and bumped into the other boys in a pub, talking about music.

    Your band's name comes from the Suede song, "The Drowners." Aside from Suede, who are your major musical influences?
    Musically, a lot of British punk and post-punk: The Clash, The Buzzcocks, The Cure, The Psychedelic Furs. And then lyrically, Jarvis Cocker and Alan Sillitoe books.

    When did you begin writing music?
    Well I've had a guitar since I was 10, but didn't start thinking about songwriting seriously until a couple of years ago. These songs are still in the first 'batch.'

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    What inspired the general theme of your debut EP, Between Us Girls?
    Between Us Girls was inspired by the paranoia and sadness that comes from people talking with their hands cupped over their mouths and their eyes darting 'round the room.

    What are your top three favorite records?
    As of right now, this second, on this particular morning: The Smiths' Louder than Bombs, The Buzzcocks' Singles Going Steady, and Pulp's His 'n' Hers.

    Are there any songs you'd like to cover as a band?
    We've talked about being The Buzzcocks for Halloween.

    What is up next for the Drowners—album plans? A tour?
    After the show at Webster Hall Studio with Skaters on August 16 our plan is to write write write write write.

    (Photo via Butch Hogan)

    Be sure to check out their new EP, available on iTunes now!