• The Bonds: A Photo Series by Sammy Keller + Orenda Lou

    For Valentine's Day, photographer Sammy Keller and styling duo Orenda Lou gathered 10 of their friends and muses to shoot them for "The Bonds," a photo project that explores the relationships between siblings, friends and romantic partners. Scroll on to see "The Bonds" in full!
    Styled by Orenda Lou

    Camryn in the UO Champion Reverse Hoodie Set in Peach
    Camryn in the UO Corduroy Work Pant in Taupe
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    Mariah in the Brixton Audrey Beret in white, I.AM.GIA Cobain Relax Fit Chain Pant and Slim Retro Cat Eye sunglasses
    Jasmine in the Light Before Dark Ramola Wet Look Puffer Jacket.
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    Trond in the UO Liam Satin Short Sleeve Button Down.
    Allie in the Extreme Angle Cat Eye Sunglasses in Pearl.
    Allie in the UO Cropped Sweater Set in mustard.
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    Noah in the Rothco Camo Cargo BDU Pant in yellow.
    Nealand in UO Ryder Corduroy Zip Jacket in Peach.
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    Shot by Sammy Keller
    Styled by Orenda Lou