• Gifts That Give Back: Teen Vogue X Girls Write Now

    We teamed up with Teen Vogue to create a clothing collection that allows you to wear your heart on your sleeve. With a portion of all proceeds benefitting Girls Write Now, a nonprofit organization serving underserved girls, we caught up with a few members of their team to find out more about the organization and what makes it an important cause to support.

    Can you tell us a little bit about your organization? What kind of things do you champion as an org?
    Girls Write Now is celebrating 20 years of supporting young women writers through mentoring and community. We are dedicated to championing the voices that are often unheard, or worse, silenced.

    When someone makes a donation, what does their donation help fund?
    A donation of any kind directly benefits the young women we serve. We have a robust curriculum that we incorporate into our monthly, genre-based workshops, and we host a popular reading series that showcases the girls' best work. We have a supportive therapy panel and network of mentors and mentor-alums who support our young women as they apply to college, with 100% of our seniors being accepted into college.

    If someone is unable to donate a monetary amount are there other ways they’re able to help?
    Yes, time and passion is a crucial donation. Our mentors are dedicated to supporting our girls and we have an array of volunteer opportunities. We are accepting applications to be a mentor from April 1 until June (more info on our site) and we have a wide array of volunteer opportunities.

    Tell us a little bit about your relationship with the new Executive Editor of Teen Vogue, Samhita Mukhopadhyay, and how you began working together.
    Samhita has been a great champion of GWN and was a craft talk speaker at our first workshop of the program year. She spoke passionately about her path to writing and wowed the crowd with her engaging words of wisdom. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm for our young women's voice inspired us all. Please see a GWN mentee's blog post about the experience here.

    What was important to you when working on this collab?
    We wanted to include a fearless leader who celebrates the diverse voices that teach all of us and make us better... and make the world better.

    What goal does Girls Write Now have for 2018?
    To serve more girls. This year we increased our reach 30% and the demand is still not met. We are determined to do more. It is crucial to champion all young women during a time when many are feeling vulnerable and in need of support. And while we are dedicated to mentoring them, we often say that it is the young women that in fact teach us. We are grateful for their stories, bravery and hope for the future.

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