• Surf to Skate Evolution to Revolution - Vol. 1 Book Signing

    Tonight in L.A., be sure to stop by Space 15 Twenty (1520 N. Caheunga Blvd) for a book signing of Surf to Skate: Evolution to Revolution - Vol. 1 hosted by book store Hennessey + Ingalls. The book brings together years of skateboard history, mostly focusing on boards from the '50s and '60s, collected by board collectors and authors Jason Cohn and Stanton Hartsfield. There will also be an exhibit featuring skateboards from the '60s, put together by Cohn and Hartsfield's company, Scavenger Brand. What's pretty cool is that this coffee table book is literally shaped like the 'Roller Derby' skateboard, which was the first board to be ever mass produced. I suggest all skateboard enthusiasts attend, and learn more about the history of skateboarding! RSVP here. - Maddie