• Surf Daze Interviews: Stone Cold Fox

    Stone Cold Fox are one of the latest labels to be picked up at Urban Outfitters for the Surf Daze Collection. We spoke to them about a few of their favorite things, the life of being a Stone Cold Fox and much more.

    How did Stone Cold Fox begin? What were you doing before?
    D: It began after Cydney graduated for fashion design in San Francisco, and I graduated for merchandise marketing and business in L.A. We both had to move back home, and we started a blog with Cyd’s senior collection, which we added on a few more styles. We did it all in her parents extra room and we were cutting all the orders out on a kitchen table and Cyd was sewing in a little room. From there we worked side jobs and did SCF at night, and it slowly grew from there. We got picked up in a few stores, got an official work space and website, and we just take it day by day and have so much fun with it.

    I imagine Penny Lane from Almost Famous would have stocked her suitcase before Morocco with everything from your label. Do your inspirations change each season or are there certain things always fueling what you want to do with your latest collection?
    Cydney: She would definitely pack lots of SCF and beautiful vintage pieces! The inspirations do change for every collection, but we always stick with the SCF aesthetic. Very '70s, lingerie inspired, delicate pieces that feel vintage. 

    What's the normal routine over at SCF headquarters? 
    C: It's quite hectic here; we answer a ton of emails every day, we cut out personal orders. I try to set aside some time to make a new item every day, pattern work and sketching. Dallas is working with our production team getting all the items ready for stores. We sometimes have fittings in the office with brides, or just people who want to come in. And sometimes we go to LA and get prints, and fabrics for orders. 

    Where would your go-to surfing destination be and why?
    Dallas: I have always wanted to go to Brazil and check out the beautiful beaches and the culture over there. I heard there are great jewelry and accessories stands right on the beach and that sounds like heaven to me! I would also love to go back to Bali. We went there about two years ago, and it seriously changed our lives. That place is magical.  

    What are you listening to, in and out of the office?
    C: Right now I’m really into Alabama Shakes, Fleet Foxes, Tennis, and Brian Jonestown Massacre.

    What kind of things do you collect?
    D: Yes, we do love to collect. We might have a bit of a shopping problem. We love our carved out skull heads from Bali, antique embroidered Turkish throws and pillows, coffee table books, Moroccan rugs, cow hyde rugs, and beaded crystal glasses. 

    Getting inside your closet, what are you grabbing first in case of a fire?
    C: My leather Friend of Mine shorts, this amazing crochet vintage slip, and my fur jackets. Luckily almost all of the SCF items are at the office so they are safe.
    D: Oh that’s a hard one. I would try to save all my shoes, these amazingly soft leather pants from The Row, and my antique turquoise cuff and matching earrings.

    Who would be your dream person, alive or dead, to dress?
    D: I would say Jane Birkin and Kate Bosworth.

    Do you plan on expanding SCFHome, your bedding collection?
    C: Yes! We love home décor so much. We are coming out with our newest home collection in May 2012, and we will probably do one a year. We have redone our entire work space, and decked out our new home in Venice Beach. The home wears are so amazing, with the most beautiful linens and silks mixed with laces. This time we are graduating into more kitchen wear, and some new bedding.

    What would be your dream to do next? Footwear? Shades? A store?
    C: I think a store would be really cool, and bringing in one or two accessories. We did a cow-hyde clutch in our second collection that was so amazing, so I would love to start doing travel bags or small clutches again.
    D: Definitely footwear—that would be my dream! I have so many ideas already and I have always loved shoes. Whenever we go to flea markets or antique shops, Cyd is always the one who finds the amazing clothes and I find the amazing accessories. I would love to do it all and open a shop. That’s what I originally went to school for, so one day we will have our own shop filled with SCF and amazing accessories! 

    X - Jen