• Style Icon: The IKEA Monkey

    Move aside Alexa Chung! There's a new world-renowned style icon in town. And by "town" I mean IKEA. This little monkey named Darwin has been making waves on the internet after he was found roaming around a Toronto IKEA. With his stylishly over-sized jacket, we couldn't help fall head over heels for this monkey's amazing fashion sense. Here at Urban Outfitters we've got all the essentials to help you complete your "Help, I'm a Baby Monkey Wearing A Shearling Jacket and I'm Lost In This IKEA" look. - Hazel

    Sparkle & Fade Suede Coat
    The essential part of this look (besides looking like a monkey) is the shearling coat. To get the look as close to Darwin's as possible opt for a size that's a bajillion times larger than your normal size. You want to look like you're really, really tiny and drowning in your coat. 

    Staring at Stars Convertible Sherpa-Lined Coat
    The over-sized collar on this coat will help create the illusion that your head is abnormally small, like a monkey's. Trust us, it will look very fashion-forward. Very hot. We know what we're talking about at UO.*

    Grace Hat Suzy Fur Hat
    We don't want to assume anything about our readership, but chances are (94.68%, to be exact, according to blog data we've recently gathered) you aren't a monkey. Because of this, you'll need to make your head look as round and furry as possible. Grab a cute fur hat like this one!

    Monkey Slipper-Sock
    It's cold in IKEA! Grab some monkey slippers. Also they're just hellah cute. Now get yourself to an IKEA and wait for the paparazzi!

    *We're fucking with you, duh.