• Style Icon: Amy Blue from The Doom Generation

    Foul-mouthed, cynical and totally demented, Amy Blue (Rose McGowan) from The Doom Generation will rip your heart out and eat it with some nachos. It's not just her attitude that will have you swooning, her style is equally awesome. Blue's all black ensemble, cat-eye glasses, and black bob make her one of the coolest chicks in indie film history. But some seriously dirty language and a "Buzz Off!" attitude are required to fully embody the spirit that is Amy Blue. 

    Black cat eye sunglasses for driving in the desert...and to disguise yourself from the police.

    Tough girls like Amy wear leather moto jackets, it's true!

    A black mini-dress will really convey your feelings of doom and gloom.

    Black Doc Martens are necessary for stomping out cigarettes and kicking people.

    For lips as red as the Devil's soul.