• Style Icon: Alien from Spring Breakers

    Whether he's based off of Dangeruss or Riff Raff, one thing is for sure: James Franco's character Alien has some serious iconic style. Dudes, this is your look for spring whether you like it or not. Better make your appointment to get your hair in cornrows now! It's okay though, we've got the rest of your Spring Breakers-inspired look covered below. Damn, you're gonna be the best looking drug dealer on the streets!—Hazel

    BDG Triblend Tank Top
    A simple tank will help you keep cool under pressure, like when a gun gets shoved in your mouth or something.

    Pendleton Camp Shirt
    Layer with a palm tree Hawaiian shirt for maximum tropical party vibes. 

    Gift Card Charm Necklace
    Aw, a lil' pot leaf charm to remind you to always get fucked up becuz Spring Break 4-ever, amirite?

    Grillz Candy
    Don't have grillz? Whoa, you're lame. Just kidding! Here's a pair that's secret candy. 

    Ariane Aviator Sunglasses
    Sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes while you lather on your dark tanning oil and lay out by the pool.

    Flud The Order Watch
    What time is it? Time for MOTHERF**KING SPRING BREAK Y'ALL!!!