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    Here we talk to the girls from TEEN about their debut album, In Limbo, out on August 28 on Carpark Records.  Can't wait? Stream the album!
    Interview by Ally Mullen

    Who came up with the album title, In Limbo, and what's the story behind the name?
    Band: We were all going through a lot transitions while we made the record. It just seemed natural that the title should be In Limbo. The whole mood of the record reflects that feeling of in-between and change.

    What is your favorite track on the album?
    Lizzie: “Huh”
    Katherine: “Huh”
    Jane: “Sleep is Noise”
    Teeny: “Roses and Wine”

    What was the first CD you ever bought?

    Lizzie: Little Richard, Here's Little Richard
    Teeny: Snoop Dogg, Doggystyle. My mom threw it out because she thought the jacket drawings were derogatory to women.
    Katherine: Mine was a tape! Debbie Gibson, Out of the Blue.
    Jane: Also a tape! My dad gave me a Beatles compilation.

    Who is the best dressed of the group?
    Band: Definitely not Teeny.

    Do you share clothes on the road?
    Band: Yes

    (Photo via James Ryang)

    Who do you miss the most when you're on tour?
    Band: PJ Horgan

    What was the worst thing you ever got grounded for as a teen?
    Lizzie: I camped out all night once with my boyfriend.

    What was your AOL/AIM screen nam
    Band: None of us had one!
    Teeny: I used to go on a sk8r chat...

    Who did you grow up idolizing?
    Katherine: Daniela Silivas (a Romanian gymnast)
    Teeny: Mary J. Blige

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    What TV or movie character do you wish you were most like?
    Band: Alf
    Jane: Catniss Everdeen

    Your Twitter states, "Playing instruments while drunk is not so easy." What is the hardest instrument to play drunk?
    Band: Drums


    17 or 21?
    Band: 21

    Eyeliner or lipstick?
    Katherine, Teeny, Lizzie: Eyeliner
    Jane: Lipstick

    Clueless or Mean Girls?
    Lizzie: Clueless
    Jane: Clueless

    The War on Drugs or Purity Ring?
    Band: The War on Drugs

    Being on tour or recording new music?

    Band: Both please!

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