• (Photos by Steven Andrew Garcia.)

    Strange Magic Opening

    Last night, Tavi and Petra's show Strange Magic opened at Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles. A crowd gathered outside before the doors even open, and when they did, it was a tidal wave of teenageness. 

    The central theme of the show was a teenage bedroom, complete with bed, bookshelves, dressers and desks, all decked out with memorabilia that the girls collected along the Rookie Road Trip route. 

    One visitor was overheard describing it as 'This place looks like a 16-year-old Courtney Love cleaned out her closet." 

    "Does that mean you don't like it?" her friend asked.

    "Oh my god, no," she replied. "I love it. I want to live here." And that was pretty much the universal sentiment. 

    Merch up for grabs included Rookie T-shirts, The Ardorous altar candles and flower-encrusted sunglasses, handmade by Petra and Anna, and awesome, poster-sized photo prints from The Ardorous photographers. 

    A big hit was the treehouse, built especially for the show, which was totally covered in graffiti by the end of the night. Someone drew a really nice mermaid, and several someones drew penises. Why does this always happen when you let people draw on stuff?

    Miranda July came by, with husband Mike Mills and their ridiculously cute baby in tow. Agyness Deyn and step-daughter Lucia Ribisi also came, and hung out all night. 

    It was a really stylish crowd. This couple above was having fun, we promise.

    Hunx and Johnny Makeup definitely had fun. Go Lakers!

    And if you couldn't make it, never fear: There's lots more to come.

    See the full set of photos here.