• Strange Magic: Mindy Kaling

    Last night, Mindy Kaling made an eagerly awaited stop at Space 15 Twenty to do a live interview with Tavi as part of Strange Magic. It was truly a moment when Tavi and Mindy realized they were both wearing stars. 

    The interview was supposed to be Tavi asking Mindy questions, but Mindy quickly turned the tables on Tavi because she had so many questions for her. She asked Tavi who the coolest person she has met is and Tavi's answer was Bjork. Tavi then asked Mindy the same question, and Mindy sheepishly responded Chris Klein. 

    After their talk, Mindy took questions from the crowd and gave advice for people wanting to get into comedy writing. One bit of it was (and we'll paraphrase here) 'You don't have to go to parties, or sleep, with people who do what you want to do. You just have to be really, really good.' Well said, Mindy! Round of digital applause.

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