• Strange Magic: Freaks and Geeks

    Last night, everyone came out for a Rookie-hosted screening of Freaks and Geeks in the courtyard at Space 15 Twenty. If you're not familiar with Freaks and Geeks, you should be, as it was the one-season Judd Apatow-created wonder that helped launch the careers of Jason Segel, Seth Rogan and everybody's favorite renaissance man, James Franco.

    The highlight of the evening was a Q&A with John Francis Daley, who played the lead role of Sam Weir when he was only 13 years old, and a lot, lot shorter. Before he arrived, there was lots of buzzing about what he would look like now (14 years later) and whether or not he would still be cute. 

    Fortunately, he was. And he signed a lot of autographs and took a lot of pictures. Someone even tried to kiss him, but that's a whole 'nother story. 

    By the way, we've relieved Hazel of her blogging duties so that she can hang with her fam for the rest of the week. That's her bro Malcolm. Hi Malcolm! Also, props to Hazel for asking John Francis Daley about a particular blue leisure suit.

    Find out about more events at Space 15 Twenty.