• Storage Solutions with Jamee Jones

    We catch up with LA creative Jamee Jones to check out his new space and talk storage solutions. Scroll on to read more. 
    Photography by Marisa Vitale

    Hey Jamee! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your home! 
    Hiya! I’m Jamee and I live in a little studio apartment in the heart of Los Angeles. I’m centrally located and I can easily reach all my favorite spots around the city in no time. My apartment building is old and a relic of the past. So much so that my unit used to house two Murphy beds. They’ve since been removed and now the two alcoves just function as extra square footage.  

    By day, I’m thinking about clothes. How to wear them, how other people should wear them, fit, construction, style, all that. And by night, I’m still thinking about clothes. I have this motto that clothes are like paint. And every day you get dressed is an opportunity to paint a portrait of yourself as a blank canvas. So, have fun and color yourself!

    How long have you lived in Los Angeles?
    This past January made a year! LA gives me so much life. Being surrounded by so many talented friends here who are thriving is inspiring. I feel really lucky to call LA home.  

    Tell us more about your space + what drew you to it? 
    My apartment building was built in the late 1920s and still has a lot of its original character. It’s a fabulous brick building with an old fire escape that overlooks the city and is the perfect place to enjoy those California sunsets. But the best part is the view of the Hollywood Sign from my apartment windows. 

    How would you describe your design aesthetic? 
    It’s definitely a little bit of everything. I buy what I love and somehow it always seems to fit with everything else I already own. My style is funky, fun, artsy, and eclectic. I love color, pattern, and texture. 

    What have been some of the biggest challenges you have had to overcome? 
    The lack of closet space or any other storage space for that matter. It’s a nightmare honestly. Especially when you have as much stuff as I do. Luckily, I’ve of discovered new ways of storing things and have developed better organizational skills. 

    Can you walk us through some tips + tricks for storage solutions? 

    1. I like to use the clear storage boxes to store seasonal pieces, scarves, and other small things. If you want an easy way to maximize the space underneath a bed, store a few of the boxes there! 

    Above: Locker Storage Box

    2. The Kaya Bookshelf has plenty of shelf space and is a perfect way to showcase plants, knick-knacks, books, and other little mementos. And the design is so cute! 

    Above: Kaya Book Shelf

    3. For me, the Talulah Rolling Carts are a really great substitute for not having a pantry. If I weren’t using this product to store groceries, I’d probably have it stocked with beauty things. 

    Above: Talulah Rolling Storage Cart

    4. I love the over the door hook because it’s so simple and gives me additional hanging space which I always need. 

    Above: Over-The-Door Hook

    5. The Bamboo Entry Way Organizer is a great organizational piece for storing my shoes. And so perfect as it lives right next to the front door. 

     Above: Bamboo Entry Way Organizer

    Lastly, any advice for making a small space feel big on a budget? 
    Treasure hunt for homeware items at thrift stores, garage & estate sales, and even local flea markets. You don’t have to break the bank to have a cool space! Also, I like the idea of more is more when designing. Having a well layered home will help make your small space feel big! 

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