• Stonefox Magazine Issue Two

    "The reason I like to self-publish is because there are so many rules on magazinesno matter who you work withplus, I like to support the industry," says Australian photographer and publisher Christopher Ferguson, who followed-up his lush and luxuriously visual fashion magazine SUMMERWINTER with STONEFOX, named for his creative studio of the same name. 

    "It's exciting meeting new people and the magazine gives [readers] access to talented people—and I can do what the fuck I want." Issue two, featuring the mesmerizing Bambi Northwood-Blyth on its tactile, matte cover, and interviews with Joanna Preiss, Roman Coppola and Haley Bennett is hot off the press. Here, we chat to Ferguson about Australian style, the inconveniences of bad weather, and the beauty of whispering. —Natalie 

    How would you describe the spirit of STONEFOX's second issue?
    This issue was a nightmare! I have always described my magazines as albums—we don't pump one out every one or two months. The staff is the band and then we have a core line-up of guests to mix things up. This issue went on forever; I can't even look at it, I've seen it so many times. We were supposed to shoot all of it in Europe, but last summer was the worst weather in Europe in 100 years. Second album blues, I call it. So we had to come up with some ideas to make it work. The spirit is always the same, I guess: Shoot interesting people who have something to say or who I want to meet because I'm drawn to their talent. We don't go for fads, we go for people who quietly go about their business and who are brave. The people we feature don't shout, they whisper.

    The divine Bambi is on the cover. What is she like to work with?
    I have known Bambi from the start. The quiet girl who came into the studio shy with a cute smile. The reason certain models work—especially Australian girls—is because they're cool and laid back, funny and cheeky, they get the joke but they're still professional. I always pick models on personality before looks. Of course I have to be attracted to them, but they have to have charisma and spunk. 

    How would you describe Australian style?
    I think we have a great style, unique to our climate and way of life. Like anywhere in the world, some people should be shot in site for what they're wearing, but generally we are really cool and understated. 

    Who are your favorite Australian models, designers and creatives?
    Models: Julia Nobis is an amazing person, I don't think she's changed since I shot her for one of her first tests. Abbey Lee, before she became Abbey Lee, she was always great, she was always going to do well—she just didn't give a shit. Zippora (but she's from New Zealand), she's a free spirit, an amazing woman. 

    Designers: I'm not sure on this one yet, they have to have a point of difference but still be Australian, and I find that hard because everybody in Australia wants to be international. I think Australians lead the way in fashion in a different way, it's our style more than our designers. Sass & Bide and Zimmermann always do a great job. Dion Lee is a craftsman and should jump on a plane and leave without passing go and collecting $200. 

    Creatives: David Michod who wrote and directed Animal Kingdom is brilliant. I think Andrew Dominic who directed Chopper and recently Killing Them Softly is amazing. There is whole crop of gifted ozzies. Nothing makes me prouder then seeing an Australian do well because I know how hard it was for them to do it. It takes two words: hard work.