• Stocking Stuffers for Your Brother

    Brothers—many of us have them, but what the heck do we buy them for their stockings? Luckily, UO has us covered in that department with gifts for every type of brother out there: the artsy brother, the comical brother, the stylish brother or whatever type of awesome (or maybe not so awesome) brother that you're shopping for in the next few weeks!Maddie

    Caswell-Massey On-The-Go Shaving Kit
    Some guys love mustaches, some don't. For the guy in your life that doesn't, why not prepare him for his daily shave with this classy shaving kit?

    Icon Brand Horns Up Necklace
    Maybe you have a brother who likes wearing jewelry AND rockin' out. This necklace is a nice reminder of that.

    World Maps 5-Panel Hat
    Camp caps are what's hip and cool for guys right now, so how about one with a map on it?You know, in case your brother gets lost somewhere.

    Butt Face Soap
    Perhaps that brother of yours has a good sense of humor, and will laugh at the irony behind this carefully designed regular soap.

    Supaboy Portable Game Console
    Gadgets are always something guys love, and I think this retro game console is perfect for any sibling. Your brother can play all of his favorite Super Nintendo cartridges from childhood (or adolescence—who's to say!)

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