• Spring Breakers Premiere: An Adventure in La La Land

    Let me just start this post out by saying that last night's Spring Breakers premiere in L.A. at ArcLight Hollywood was, well... fucking awesome.  And yes, these pictures are mostly horrible but what do you expect when you've got Gucci Mane and Marilyn Manson (more on that later) in the same room?

    Premiere-appropriate nails!

    As soon as we grabbed our tickets, we creeped around the red carpet, which is where the fun began.  First things first: the ATL Twins. Upon their arrival they caused quite a stir, showing off to the press and flaunting their "we date fuckin' models!" girlfriend of the night.  After taking their photos, they let me know UO was cool since we have Vice, and they just happen to be on the latest cover. Rollin' with the ATL Twins needs to be a Vice video STAT.

    Props to their date for holding down twins.

    Next to come off the carpet? Gucci Mane with his crew, including the beautiful Keyshia Ka'oir. As you can tell, we really bonded here.

    We got shuffled into the premiere, saw the film (my THIRD time, and I still give it two middle fingers up: highly fucking recommended), and got that Skrillex song stuck in our heads for another five hours. Oh wait, you haven't heard that one yet? Here you go.

    Spotted: Our next About A Girl, the film's stylist Heidi Bivens.

    As the crowd flowed out of the cinema, the sound of shutters flashing and tween screams filled the air and we knew that meant one thing: Franco was in the room. Sadly, no corn-rows.

    Flash forward a half hour later, and we're at the after-party at The Emerson Theatre (7080 Hollywood Blvd.) surrounded by the cast, crew and a crowd of industry dudes. Oh, and Marilyn Manson. NBD.

    When I tried to sneak a photo of Gucci Mane smoking, Marilyn hopped in.

    And then this happened (me on the left, Marilyn on the right, someone in the middle).

    Heidi with the ATL Twins, who she claims holds a special place in her heart.

    Building up the confidence to talk to Harmony was tough, but when I found out he had lost his voice and was just making hand signals, he suddenly seemed sweet and totally approachable. Awww....

    The lovely Rachel Korine, who along with the other girls had fun dancing and signing autographs for their fans.

    We found Will Forte on the dance floor wearing an Urban western shirt. 

    Then I found my blurry Girls soulmate (I'm a total Shosh), Alex, and his buddy, and then when we parted, he told me to "Have a nice life." 

    And then...OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!! I finally spot Franco at the after party and know THIS IS MY CHANCE. It's gonna happen. Spring Break... Spring Breaak...  Spraaaaang Breaaaak! Just pretend like you're in a video game. You gotta be fucking hard. Don't be scared of anything...

    And then he was obviously way stoked about this photo op.

    Special thanks to A24 and Filter Magazine. Spring Breakers opens nationwide March 22. Spring break forever, bitches.—Ally