• Space 15 Twenty: Busy-Being

    This week, Texas is invading Los Angeles with a pop-up at Space 15 Twenty hosted by Busy-Being, an Austin-based shop and gallery. The pop-up, which runs January 31 - February 21, will feature the work of a talented group of Texas makers and designers, all selected by owner Amber Abramson. 

    Abramson's background as an art curator and gallery operator informs the way she puts together her brick-and-mortar East Austin shop, with Busy-Being serving as a space for retail, workshops, and art shows, and the 15 Twenty pop-up organized with a similar sensibility: Alongside the pop-up will be a special solo exhibition, "Poison Valley," by artist duo Ryan Rhodes and Caleb Owen Everitt of LAND. Click here to read a recap from the opening party last Friday!

    Botanicals Folklorica
    Botanicals Folklorica is an Austin-based apothecary founded by Tamara Becerra Valdez that's dedicated to a practice of re-telling the traditional craft of apothecary medicine through artifact and object. Inspired by "the Good, Wild & Sacred" of global folkways, each product—from infused Texas honey to locally-gathered floral smudge bundles—combines art, nature, and tradition to make items that are both useful and beautiful. 

    Folk Fibers
    Folk Fibers is a line of quilts handmade by Maura Grace Ambrose outside of Austin, TX. Educated in textile design and fiber arts at SCAD, Ambrose's work is founded around the craft and folklore that prevails around natural dyes and quilting. With a focus on "substantive dyes" like indigo, cochineal, walnut hulls, and onion skins, Ambrose organically grows, harvests, and forages for natural dyes around Austin. After developing and dyeing fabric, she integrates it with vintage fabrics to construct her quilts, each of which is entirely hand-stitched. 

    Cobra Rock
    Cobra Rock Boot Company is the Marfa, TX-based creation of Colt Miller and Logan Caldbeck, who design and hand make Western-inspired boots in Far West Texas using American full-grain leather and simple leather wallets using the leftover materials. Started in 2011, the duo uses traditional cowboy boot building methods to cut and sew their boots, a meticulous process that takes nearly two and a half weeks to build a single pair. 

    Ft. Lonesome
    Ft. Lonesome makes hand-cranked, chain-stitch embroidered work founded on the mediums unique history and imperfections. Each project entirely one-of-a-kind, they work on 100-year-old machines, allowing each new piece to take on a life of its own, a "diverse artistic expression but more importantly an opportunity to collaborate."

    Marfa Soaps
    Marfa Brand Soap was started by Ginger Griffice in 2005 after she moved to Marfa from
    New York. Thinking that soap would be a small town thing to do, she set about learning
    how to craft handmade soap from all natural oils and all essential oils. The soaps are still 
    made in small batches using whole leaf teas and botanicals and scented with only
    essential oils. 

    Fortuna Monsoon
    Fortuna Monsoon is inspired by intrepid travel, brilliant functionality, and exploring the depths of materials and craft. Designer Chris Franks shapes his brand with handmade processes,  making goods meant to become your most treasured items.

    Mason McFee
    Hello Maseman is the artwork and design of Mason McFee. While mainly a designer and builder, Mason enjoys trying new things and these works are his first shot at applying his artwork to functional, wearable goods. Each product is one of a kind and handmade in Austin, Texas.

    Miranda Bennett
    Miranda Bennett Studio is a line of all natural fiber-derived apparel and textiles from Austin, TX. Each piece in the line is designed, cut, sewn, and dyed in small batches using plant-based dyes. 

    Pfau Shop
    PFAU is a collection of antique and global textiles, home goods, and accessories curated by Carola Pfau that's influenced by travel, history, and a lifetime of studying and collecting textiles and antiques while living abroad. 

    Traveller Denim
    Traveller Denim Co. is an Austin-based line of custom denim made from Japanese and Cone Mills selvedge. Each pair produced by hand on vintage industrial materials, Traveller jeans are simple and well-made, intended to be the "best pair of jeans you'll ever own." 

    The Busy-Being pop-up runs January 31 - February 21 at Space 15 Twenty
    Click here to a see a recap of the opening party