• Rug Dos and Don'ts with Kristine Claghorn

    Rugs can be tough. So, we caught up with Kristine Claghorn to talk about some basic guidelines. Scroll on to read more!
    Photography by Marisa Vitale

    Tell us a little bit about yourself!
    Hi there! I’m Kristine (you can call me Claggie) and I’m a creative producer/artist living in Los Angeles. The east side has been home for me for the past seven years now and I wouldn’t have it any other way! My partner and I are currently living in Virgil Village, right outside of Silver Lake. By day, I’m a creative producer for an ad agency. My team works remotely, so you can find me on Google hangout most days in the comfort of my home office. By night, you can find me painting moons, creating fragrances, and my most recent venture has been learning to shoot and edit video. 

    Tell us more about your place and how you found it! 
    Our place is in a beautiful old building located in the Virgil Village neighborhood. What drew us to it immediately was the bright natural light and two outdoor spaces (we have a small front balcony and a back deck). We loved the open kitchen as well! We spend a lot of time in the living room on our sofa, watching films and sipping on tea or whiskey. This is also the first place I’ve lived in LA where I have an outdoor space, so I try to take advantage of that as much as I can! 

    Above: Flo Marks Printed Rug

    How would you describe your style at home? 
    We definitely gravitate toward minimalism, with pops of sentimental objects. You’ll find a rock that we’ve collected form a meaningful hike, a piece of artwork found during our travels, and photos strewn around the house. We’ve tried to make our space welcoming and comforting, as we both enjoy hosting our friends and family here. 

    Above: Dune Printed Rug

    Let's get to it - can you talk us through some rugs do's and don'ts ?
    Yes, I’d love to!


    1. Mix it up! Don’t be afraid to lean into a rug with a pop or color or a fun pattern. I tend to focus on calming neutrals in my space, but a great simple pop of color or geometric pattern can really bring a nice energy to the room and pull everything together. 

    2. Get creative! A rug doesn’t JUST have to go on the floor. If you see a rug that you love as a textile, throw it up on the wall! If you find a rug that you like as a throw, put it on your bed or on the back of your couch. Have fun with it! 

    3. Be a polite neighbor! Live on the second or third or fourth (this could go on and on) floor of your building? Place rugs in highly trafficked areas to keep your neighbors from hearing your every move. If your neighbor blasts techno beats at 2am like mine does, a rug will also help soak up that sound. 

    Above: Connected Stripe Rag Rug & Modern Berber Rug

    Above: Dune Printed Rug

    Above: Modern Berber Rug


    1. Have pets? Don’t spend a bunch of money on a really dark rug. That pet hair will show up no matter how much you vacuum.  

    2. Clean freak? If you’re like me, you want your rugs to stay clean at all times. If this is the case, a huge shag rug is going to be really hard to keep clean because you can’t use a vacuum on it. Think about how much work it will be to upkeep a rug before you buy.  

    3. Don’t feel like you have to spend a TON of money on a nice area rug. You can find rugs of all shapes and sizes (and prices) on UO and you can always layer with a fun vintage find from a flea market.

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