• Rose Dawson

    Rose Dawson, née DeWitt Bukater, taught me how to feel feelings at the age of 10, and that crushing on a cute, jobless artist is totally okay and probably necessary. Before Titanic was released, I was a mere husk of a human being, destined to live my life as a soulless worm. But then Titanic happened and Rose Dawson taught America how to live, so let's take a little look back on one badass, imaginary lady.—Katie

    I know, Rose. I know. Being 17 is so hard. And you couldn't even Tweet your feelings.

    Don't do it, Rose! Jack is right behind you! You're about to embark on the most beautiful love affair of all time!

    Have I tried whispering "To the stars" to some men on occasion? Yes. Did it work as well as when Rose said it to Jack? No. Forever waiting for my romantic, car-in-the-hull-of-a-ship makeout sesh.

    Rose Dawson, teaching America that even classy broads can throw up the bird every once in a while.

    Sometimes I hope that there will be a point in my life where I can use this quote, in context, because it is so boss. Like, it will be a cold day in hell before Leo and Billy Zane start vying for my attention (or any two guys, let's be real), but I can dream. ROSE TAUGHT ME TO DREAM.

    Oh, no big deal, just going to jump from this moving lifeboat to a sinking ship to be with my crush. That is some determination, Rose. Actually, that's a horrible life philosophy, but Rose is teaching us that love is real, y'all. Real and dumb.


    I would be crying too, my friend, if 1997 Leo DiCaprio passed away on my watch. No time to be sad, though, because now you're off to ride horses in jeans. Jack was just the catalyst that made sweet angel Rose embrace the badass woman within.

    To sum up, Jack is basically that cute guy in your freshman English lit class [Ed. Note: Jordan Catalano anyone? -Ally] who smells like weed and smokes cigarettes down on the quad and drops out after two semesters to "travel the world" and "experience life", but it's totally normal to spend 75 years pining away for him because I mean, did you see his face? Worth it. I don't blame you, Rose.