• Room Tour with DUCKWRTH

    This week we took a peek inside hip-hop artist Duckwrth's Los Angeles space. Read on for more! 

    Tell us a little bit about yourself and your space! 
    I’m a lover, musician, and graphic designer from South Central, LA. My space is my sanctuary. Everything from my plants to my Booty rug is a reflection of me.  

    What have been some of the biggest challenges to overcome? 
    Well, since I have a studio apartment, I would say my biggest challenge is figuring out how to have all of the things I want and need in one space. The upside is that I can roll out of my bed and land in the studio, all without putting pants on.  

    How would you describe your design philosophy?  
    Half aesthetic, half function. I want everything to look guud all while stimulating the senses. Every color must accent the other; every circle must complement the triangle across from it. At the same time, I want high usability. My guests should feel at home in my space; flick a photo in the triangle mirror, use the record player to slap some Earth Wind & Fire. Overall, I just want my space to be inspiring. 

    Do colors play a big role?  
    COLORS ARE EVERYTHING TO ME. They are God in the realm of moods and emotions. And not just colors, lighting as well. I hate the sepia tones of the night, so right when the sun sets, on turns my neon light strips and the donut neon I casually turned into a framed art piece. 

    Some must-have items you needed to refresh your space?  
    I’m really big on plants, spanning from flowers and lilies to hipster ass succulents. They help the oxygen flow in the room (yay, science) and bring greens into my room of light grey walls. 

    One thing you cannot live without? 
    My mama, music, and skating. (No particular order!) 

    Favorite place to spend time?
    Sitting down in front of my record player. Especially when I cop a new record. Ripping the plastic off, slipping that vinyl out ever so sexily (don't know if that's a word) and dropping that needle right on the black side. That's a moment.  

    What's currently on rotation in your listening station?  
    QUEEN - SHEER HEART ATTACK; MICHAEL J. - THRILLER (duh); and YES - GOING FOR THE ONE. Oh, and it doubles as Bluetooth, so a lot of my unreleased music is being slapped on full volume. 

    Any advice on how to customize your space? 
    The best advice I can give would be to make the space work for YOUU. There is Feng Shui, but there's also the Funk Way. Get UUGLY, break some rules. I turned some small colored lockers into my coffee table. I turned a metal grid into my garment display. Have fun! Also, create a space you’ll be happy to come home to at the end of the night. A space that feels right when so many other places feel wrong. 

    Lastly, dream home – what would it look like? 
    The outside structure would be a bullet shape, faced upwards. It would be two floors, with glazed cherry wood everywhere, and a tree in middle (so serious about that tree). There would be instruments of creativity everywhere, but still placed strategically. And there would be a psychedelic room, for creative purposes of course.

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