• Room Tour: Kristina Bing

    This week we visited LA Creative and Jungalow E-Commerce Manager Kristina Bing's lush 430 square ft. space to talk about plants and organization. Let’s just say: this small space full of life will have you saying “You grow, girl.” 

    Tell us a little bit about yourself and your space!
    I’m Kristina! I’m 31 and I am an E-Commerce Manager for Jungalow. I love color, desserts and going to bed before 10pm. My space is a tiny studio in Pasadena. I wanted it to be a space where I could create and sleep peacefully and so I opted for less furniture and more plants. When I moved in, the walls were blue and green and it made it feel even smaller than is it. A quick paint job and some art made it feel much brighter and a little larger.

    What have been some of the biggest challenges to overcome?

    Due to the fact that my space is so small I’ve had to make sure the space doesn’t feel too cluttered. I’ve always loved gallery style walls and wanted to do my own version with some of my favorite pieces and incorporate different textures and patterns, even mirrors, so that the space feels bigger than it actually is. 

    Above: Lips Mirror

    What's your design philosophy?
    I honestly don’t have one! I just like bold colors and lots of bright natural light in my space, I like my walls to be filled with art by women that inspire me. I don’t think twice about where I place things either. If my natural instinct places a piece of furniture or hangs art up I leave it; no need to overthink. I just focus on surrounding myself with items that I love.

    One thing you cannot live without?
    PLANTS. They bring so much life into your space while improving the quality of the air. Also, it’s so bomb when you’ve figured out the water schedule and care routine for a plant and you see it grow. You feel super accomplished!

    Do you have any favorites?
    Pothos, Spider and Prayer Plant!

    All your plant babies look so ALIVE – share your secrets!
    I just pay attention - if the leaves are yellow that means your plant is unhappy in some way, so I’m all about finding the perfect home for my plants and making sure not to overwater them. Balance is key. Also, if your plant is unhappy in your space take it outside and see if it’s happier there.

    Above: Embellished Boucherouite Fringe Pillow, Penny Floral Faux Fur Pillow

    Above: Jaquard Faux Fur Ball Pillow, Marisa Tipped Faux Fur Throw Blanket

    Where do you spend the most time in your place?
    BED. I like to nap + eat here! My bed is the focal point in the room so it’s got great views of the plants and TV!

    Pillows – is there such thing as too many?
    Not at all! I also like to switch my pillows out seasonally because sometimes I get sick of seeing the same ones every day and it’s nice to bring in new textured pillows and it makes the bed/couch feel brand new.

    Any advice on how to stay organized in small space?

    I like having fixtures like the leaning wall shelf because it gives the opportunity to put your favorite things on display in a clean and organized way, it almost forces you to keep things clean. Also, when you’re in a small space you’re forced to be creative with storage. I like to have everything out and place it in a way that feels useful to the space.

    Lastly, dream home – what would it look like?
    Floor to ceiling windows, a huge bathtub, art, and lots of light and greenery!

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