• Room Makeover with Erika Carlock

    This week we revamped LA-based editor and photographer Erika Carlock's bedroom for a fresh look for the new year. Read on for more!

    Above: Iveta Abolina for Deny Creme De La Creme Duvet Cover

    Hi Erika! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your space.
    I’m a designer, photographer, and editor. I live for storytelling—through photographs, interiors, travel guides... any canvas I can find, really. I founded Hesby, a shop full of handmade bohemian items, to fulfill my love of handmade textiles. I’m always dreaming up new ideas and projects!

    What have been some of the biggest challenges to overcome?
    Constantly wanting to change things—hah! I‘m a little addicted to switching things up, and sometimes I can go a little overboard with how quickly I redesign a room. Finding the right scale for the space can be challenging as well. Sometimes I fall in love with a certain art piece that’s just too big or too small for the space, but figuring out how to make it work in the spot can keep things fun!

    Above: Shelly Round Velvet Pillow

    How would you describe your design philosophy?
    Minimally colorful. I love bright white spaces bursting with a few vibrant colors. I like to start with a clean, neutral slate and then choose a consistent bright color palette sprinkled evenly throughout the space. I like a room that delivers a punch of inspiration the second you walk into it.

    So colors play a big role?
    Absolutely! I’m a huge color lover, and I think the color can really define the mood of a space. Clearly I love pink—blush, coral, and rose... any shade of pink, really! And I love to play with more cool tones mixed in. Blues, violets, grays and crisp whites.

    Above: UO Incense Kit

    Some must have items you needed to refresh your space?
    Always plants and throw pillows. Swapping out pillows and planters is one of my favorite ways to refresh a space quickly and on a whim.

    One thing you cannot live without?
    Flowers! They can make such an impact on a space. Plus, there are so many different types and arrangements you can do, so each one redefines the space.

    Above: UO Wall Art

    Favorite place to spend time (in your home).
    In bed, hah—I mean I love sleeping in, but I also really love to lounge on my bed and read. It’s just so cozy and there aren’t a million distractions.

    Any advice on how to stay organized?
    Have a set spot for everything! I like to use storage baskets around the house, and make sure everything has a specific place that it goes in the home. If everything's got a home, then when you see something left out you know exactly where to put it away. Otherwise it just hangs out somewhere and you can’t find it when you need it, and that’s no good.

    Above: Daily Planner Journal

    Lastly, dream home – what would it look like?
    Bright white jungle! A mid-century modern ranch house with tons of huge floor to ceiling windows and overflowing with natural light, linens, Moroccan rugs, and surrounded by trees! I dream of owning a Joseph Eichler house where every window you look out of is exploding with greenery. And it must have a basement bar!

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