• Rookie Road Trip: "Twin Peaks"

    On our way to Seattle we realized that we would be stopping in "Twin Peaks" or, really, the sites in Washington where the tv show Twin Peaks was shot. For those who don't know, Twin Peaks was a TV show that aired in the early '90s that followed the investigation of the death of Laura Palmer, the beloved homecoming queen of the town Twin Peaks. Special Agent Dale Cooper leads the investigation, all the while eating a lot of pie and drinking a lot coffee. The show was directed by David Lynch and was filled with weird characters (like a woman who owns a talking log) and frightening story lines. 

    Here at Rookie we are SUPERFANS of the show, so as soon as we entered Snoqualmie, Washington, Petra started playing the intro music to the show and everyone in the van just stared out at the trees and felt like we were in Twin Peaks. We were so dorky about it all, I can't even begin to tell you. We were constantly screaming "LAURAAA" everywhere we drove. 

    We went to Twedes Cafe, the original cafe where the diner scenes of Twin Peaks was shot. According to our waitress, almost half of their business comes from Twin Peaks related tourism. So we're not weirdos! Other people do this too!

    Of course I had to get a "damn fine cup of coffee" and some pie, Dale Cooper's typical order.

    Me drinking my coffee. JK, this is Agent Cooper. Duh.

    They had a whole wall dedicated to material from the show including photos of the shoots, autographed pictures, and newspaper articles about the show. 

    They also had a "Fire Walk with Me" challenge (in reference to the Twin Peaks movie Fire Walk with Me) that had something to do with eating a lot of hot wings? Weird.

    We were even excited about a fucking waterfall SIMPLY because it was in the Twin Peaks intro. 

    So, yeah, we love Twin Peaks and couldn't have been crazier fangirls today.

    Tomorrow we'll be at The Vera Project (305 Harrison Street) making flower crowns and decorating sunglasses and being crafty! So come hang with us! - Hazel