• Rookie Road Trip: Seattle

    Our Seattle meet-up was so awesome! We met readers at The Vera Project (an amazing all-ages art gallery, music venue, and more) to make crowns and decorate sunglasses! The floor was covered in gems, sequins, miniature plastic animals, flowers and more! Everyone was so cute and convinced me that Seattle might have the most enthusiastic Rookie Readers! Such good vibes all around!

    Double glasses action!

    So many piles of gems, charms, and flowers all over the ground

    Met these three cuties Julia, Sanam, and Bradie, who all work at UO Seattle! They all had matching crowns and were way cooler than me. 

    Sanam's crown! I spy some babies and that weird purple McDonalds blob that nobody ever really understands!

    An army of awesome Seattle Rookie readers wearing their crowns.

    Somebody understands our love for a young Leo DiCaprio! What a perfect gift for our future Space 15 Twenty shrine!

    Check out our new license plate! So sparkly.

    This is Eryn! We kidnapped her and took her to dinner with us because she just happened to be staying in the same hotel that we were staying in! She traveled all the way from Victoria, British Columbia to hang out with us at the meet-up. AWWW!

    From left to right: Me, Eryn, Petra, and Petra's sister Anna. Tavi not included because she's not cool enough.

    Rookie diarist Dylan grew up in Seattle, so her mom invited us over for dinner! She made us a delicious meal out of local produce and these homemade raspberry tarts were for dessert. SO GOOD! We'll see Dylan when we're in San Francisco! 

    Tomorrow we're off to live the dream of the '90s, aka Portland! You can find us stuffing our faces at Voodoo Doughnut (22 SW 3rd Avenue)  at around 3:00 pm, and then after that we're heading to The Church of Elvis (408 N.W. Couch)! - Hazel