• Rookie Road Trip: Portland (Part 1)

    The dream of the '90s IS ALIVE! Our meet-up in Portland was at Voodoo Doughnut, where we stuffed our faces with bacon flavored and cereal covered treats!

    My order: a blueberry cake doughnut, a triple chocolate penetration doughnut, a lemon chiffon crueller, and a dirt doughnut. They were literally the best things I have ever eaten.

    These girls were SO adorable!

    Voodoo made us some Rookie-themed doughnuts that were partially inspired by Anaheed's amazing nails. 

    After munching on delicious doughnuts we headed down to the river to hang out and chit chat. 

    This handmade gift from a reader (a box covered in charms that said "ROOKIE") was amazing. 

    Loved this girls amazing headpiece!

    For the next two days we are staying on an amazing farm with our other Rookie photographer Olivia Bee and her boyfriend Cooper Campbell. There are horses, goats, and so many dogs!

    Adorable Olivia showing us her photos for future projects.

    We all roasted hot dogs over an open fire for dinner.


    ANAHEED AND TAVI PETTING A MINIATURE PONY! Are you even handling this cuteness right now?

    Cooper and Olivia set up this super cute hang out space for us!

    Olivia's car is also filled with drawings and painted doodles on the inside, so she invited us to all draw whatever we wanted. I of course wrote "Satan Lives."

    So tomorrow we'll be exploring more of Portland! We don't have an official meet-up, but if you live there maybe you'll see us around! Stay tuned for more documentation of our adventures! - Hazel