• Rookie Road Trip: Philadelphia

    The morning after the New York event, Tavi, Petra, and I piled into our huge magical van with the rest of the Rookie crew to head off to Philadelphia! 

    First, Tavi decorated the inside of the van with some artwork, including this great "Wild Heart" banner. 

    When we finally got to the City of Brotherly Love (ha, more like SISTERLY Love, since Rookie was there), we walked on over to the record shop Long In The Tooth to meet up with readers and shop for music! 

    Philly band Slutever, who wrote our November theme song, stopped by!

    I loved this girl's really cute bike decorated with fake flowers. How "Rookie" is that?!

    After shopping, we headed over to Rittenhouse Square Park to listen to the records we bought (Violent Femmes was on at full blast) and make pennant banners out of fabric. We had an interesting group chat about feminism and its place in fashion and we also tackled tricky questions such as "Clueless vs. Heathers vs. Mean Girls: which is the best?" It was a fun day of crafting in the park and listening to vinyl!

    After the Philly event, Tavi, Petra, the Rookie crew, and myself piled back into the van (which we named Grease Lightin', obviously) to get back on the road! 

    Here is Petra and Tavi dancing to Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" outside of a PA gas station. It was really inspiring and beautiful. I cried a bit. JK, I cried a lot.

    So, tomorrow we'll be off to Columbus, Ohio, so come meet us there at Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream at 2:00 pm for sweet treats! - Hazel

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