• Rookie Road Trip: New York

    For the NYC Rookie Road Trip meet-up, readers joined together for a moment of complete awesomeness at Littlefield in Brooklyn for Babycakes cupcakes, dancing, and general Rookie-related cuteness. Readers came from everywhere from Texas to New Hampshire to a few blocks down! They came bearing wax kitten candle gifts and collaged journals for a Rookie shrine we'll be building in the future and were pumped for, really, everything and anything. It was so fun meeting our loyal internet followers IRL!

    Indie-pop trio Supercute! worked their super cute (hehe) magic over the Rookie crowd with their awesome music. They played a set which featured some adorable songs off their upcoming album and their theme song for the Rookie website, "Superrookie". It's probably the best anthem any magazine could dream to have. I think we all had crazy girl crushes on them by the end of the night! 

    Writers Emma Straub and Jenny Zhang read answers from the Rookie advice column "Just Wondering?" which included advice on freaking out about growing up and comparing yourself to your friends. I read my piece on the fallacy of "staying true to yourself" and Tavi read her hilarious piece "How to Bitchface," which was complete with live demonstrations on how to physically perfect the art of reacting to really fucking stupid people. Surprisingly, nobody in the crowd threw tomatoes at us. Maybe they like us a lot? Hmm...

    Tomorrow we'll be off to Philadelphia for record shopping and picnicking in Rittenhouse Square Park. Come catch Tavi, Petra, Anaheed and I tomorrow in Philly at Long In The Tooth at 1:00 pm. Bring your friends, your flower crowns, and super good vibes! See you then! - Hazel