• Rookie Road Trip Meet-Ups

    The Rookie Road Trip is officially underway! Here's where the catch the trippers as they roll through a town near you...

    JUNE 27, 2 PM - COLUMBUS, OH

    Because WHO, except for Adam from Girls, doesn’t like ice cream?

    Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, in the Short North / 714 North High Street / Columbus, OH 43215 

    JUNE 28, 4 PM - ANN ARBOR, MI

    At 4 PM we’ll meet at Pinball Pete’s Arcade for some fun and games, then walk to Blimpy Burger around 5:30 PM for more fun and food.

    Pinball Pete’s Arcade / 1214 South University Avenue / Ann Arbor, MI 48104

    Blimpy Burger / 551 South Division Street / Ann Arbor, MI 48104

    JUNE 29, 3 PM - CHICAGO, IL

    Meet at Saki for zine-making (we’ll provide the materials but bring your hearts and souls), dancing, and all around goodtimes.

    Saki / 3716 West Fullerton Avenue / Chicago, IL 6064

    JUNE 30, 2 PM - CHICAGO, IL

    The campers at Girls Rock! Chicago are performing! The camp generously gave us 10 comps for Rookie readers, and we’re buying 10 more comps for readers, so the first 20 people to show up will get in for free. Otherwise, attendance is $10.

    Girls Rock! Chicago Session 1 End-of-Camp Extravaganza at the Bottom Lounge / 1375 West Lake Street / Chicago, IL 60607

    JULY 1, 2 PM - IOWA CITY, IA

    Meet at White Rabbit at 2, then around 3 we’ll head over to the Record Collector.

    White Rabbit / 112 S Linn Street / Iowa City, IA 52240

    The Record Collector / 116 South Linn Street / Iowa City, IA 52240

    JULY 2, 3 PM - OMAHA, NE

    In case you haven’t seen Moonrise Kingdom yet, or in case you haven’t seen it more than once as everyone should, we’re going to a screening at 3 PM! Show up 30 minutes-1 hour early because there will be a lot of other people wanting to fill the theater. Also, first Mondays of the month are free for students, so bring your school ID! After the movie, we’ll walk to Lisa’s Radial Cafe at around 5 PM.

    Moonrise Kingdom screening at Film Streams / 1340 Mike Fahey Street / Omaha, NE 68102

    Lisa’s Radial Cafe / 817 North 40th Street / Omaha, NE 68131

    JULY 3, 3 PM - OMAHA, NE

    Crafting! We’re DIY’ing banners and will provide ribbon, scissors, and paint, but bring your own fabric (and artistic souls).

    Urban Outfitters / 745 North 14th Street / Omaha, NE 68102

    JULY 4, 7 PM - BOULDER, CO

    We’ll be getting in just in time for fireworks at Chatauqua Park. Come celebrate AMURICUH with us.

    Chatauqua Park / Baseline Road & 9th Street / Boulder, CO 80302


    Banner DIYs in the garden! Bring your own fabric.

    Gilgal Sculpture Garden / 749 East 500 South / Salt Lake City, UT 84102

    JULY 7, 3 PM - BOISE, ID

    We’re meeting at Urban Outfitters at 3 PM to make zines. We’ll provide paper and glue and scissors and writing utensils, but bring your own magazines and things to cut up, or other supplies you wanna use for your own zine. At around 5 PM, we’ll walk to Flying M Coffee House for foods.

    Urban Outfitters / 328 South 8th Street / Boise, ID 83702

    Flying M Coffee House / 500 West Idaho Street / Boise, ID 83702

    JULY 9, 3 PM - SEATTLE, WA

    We’re decorating crowns and sunglasses at the Vera Project! Bring your own headband or sunglasses and we’ll provide glue and bejewels and crap (though you might wanna bring your own crap, too, if you already have a stash of fake flowers and trinkets that you wanna use).

    The Vera Project at Seattle Center / The Corner of Warren Ave N. & Republican at Seattle Center / Seattle, WA 98109

    JULY 10, 3 PM - PORTLAND, OR

    Meet at 3 PM for donuts at Voodoo Doughnut! Then around 4 we’ll head to the Church of Elvis.

    Voodoo Doughnut / 22 Southwest 3rd Avenue / Portland, OR 97205

    24 Hour Church of Elvis / 408 N.W. Couch Street / Portland, OR 97209

    JULY 12, 4 PM - EUREKA, CA

    Meet at Bon Boniere at 4 for ice cream, then around 5 we’ll head to Shipwreck for vintage shopping.

    Bon Boniere / 215 F Street / Eureka, CA 95501

    Shipwreck / 430 3rd Street / Eureka, CA 95501


    We’ll meet at 12 at the Bi-Rite Creamery for stomach-filling treats, then we’ll take our treats to Dolores Park and hang there.

    Bi-Rite Creamery / 3692 18th Street / San Francisco, CA 94117

    Dolores Park / 566 Dolores Street / San Francisco, CA 94110

    JULY 15, 1 PM - BIG SUR, CA

    We’re gonna be cultured and stuff and probably get food nearby.

    Henry Miller Memorial Library / 48603 California 1 / Big Sur, CA 93920


    Daily events begin at Space 15 Twenty on July 21st. Our final hurrah is on the 28th. Details coming next week!

    Space 15 Twenty / 1520 N. Cahuenga Boulevard / Los Angeles, CA 90028

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