• Rookie Road Trip: Eureka

    After leaving Portland, we all headed to Eureka, California. On the way, we stopped in the Red Wood forest to feel extremely small and stare up at the sky a lot. It was the quietest place that I have ever been in my life.

    Petra took this super cult-y photo of me, Tavi, and Anna. Look at how big that tree is! 

    Our meet-up was at Bon Boniere, where we ate ice cream with readers and talked about Miley Cyrus, small town life, and how stupid Google searches are when they're used in movies. It was a lively conversation.

    My ice-cream. I think it was called "Chocolate Coma" and then I had Oreos and Peppermint Patties mixed in. Call me a genius, no big deal. Or, just call me "someone who decided to mix two chocolate flavored things into another chocolate flavored thing." I'm so revolutionary, it hurts. 

    After ice cream we headed to Shipwreck Vintage to shop, of course!

    These readers showed up without bodies! Seriously, what the fuck?

    These girls were so cute and funny. Way to go Eureka for having such an awesome group of Rookie readers!

    Tomorrow we're driving almost all day to San Francisco! Then on Friday we'll be meeting readers at Bi-Rite Creamery. Come if you like ice cream, Rookie Mag, and cute teen girls in flower crowns! - Hazel