• Rookie Road Trip: Chicago (Part 2)

    For our second little Rookie event in the Windy City we went to Girls Rock! Chicago to listen to girls rock their heart out! All the girls there were so cute. They sang songs about being yourself and breaking gender norms (so punk!) and were the coolest and most confident group of young ladies I've ever met.

    It's so easy to get to the stage at a show when the audience is filled with young children. I wished for a mosh pit but, sadly, didn't get one.

    This girl in the middle was from a band called The Sharks, which was probably my favorite band in the showcase. They sang a song about a girl shark that nobody likes because she's a shark, of course. There was this one break in the song where every band member shouted in unison, "HOW COULD ANYONE NOT LOVE SHARKS?!" Then they threw Swedish Fish and beach balls into the crowd! Give her a few years, she's going to be so famous. (Photo via Anaheed)

    Kid DJs!

    Strummin'! (Photo via Anaheed)

    Kid guitarists!

    (Photo via Anaheed)

    Tomorrow we will be off to Iowa City! Meet up with us at the White Rabbit at 2:00 pm and then we'll head over to The Record Collector around 3:00! See you there! - Hazel