• Rookie Road Trip: Boise

    The day we left Salt Lake City, we saw this poster in a Whole Foods and cried because we couldn't make it! If there's one thing Rookie loves, it's dressing up like Wes Anderson characters and also "winning big" (whatever that means?).

    In Boise, Idaho we had a zine-making event at this really cool store called "Urban Outfitters." They set up this amazing tent for us! It was so cozy and adorable and couldn't have been more perfect for a Rookie meet-up. 

    Zine making never gets old because readers always bring different materials and you can make zines about any topic imaginable. 

    One reader got a little crazy with crazy eyes...

    I made a zine inspired by the great @Horse_ebooks. It's about the trials and tribulations of being a horse_ebook and a successful internet personality. It's pretty deep.

    "@horse_ebooks tweets at Bieber...but he never responds...☹"

    Petra's sister Anna made Tavi a zine tailored specifically to her loves (Bieber, old men, Taylor Swift, etc.)!

    Late that night Tavi, Anna, and I walked down to the river. We passed a black cat. We might have heard someone crying in the night? It was spooky.

    And speaking of spooky, we all just realized that we will be driving through "Twin Peaks!" Or, really, the places in Washington where Twin Peaks was filmed. As devoted David Lynch fans, we're psyched.

    Later, at the hotel, Tavi watched Taylor Swift music videos and interviews and cried/laughed/was a dork.

    So next stop is Seattle! We'll be decorating flower crowns and sunglasses at The Vera Project (305 Harrison Street ) at 3:00 pm! So bring your jewels, your flowers, your colorful crap and come craft with us! - Hazel