• Romantic Movies: Rom-Coms

    Rom-coms are a super tricky movie genre. Like, 95% of the time they're terrible because that's the nature of the rom-com, but because they're so terrible, they're kind of endearing. Like, Sweet Home Alabama is a horrible, nonsensical movie, but have I spent entire weekends watching it on an endless loop on TBS? Yes. (You have too, don't lie.) Sometimes it's just super satisfying to watch a movie that's probably a nightmare but also hilarious! So, without further ado, here are some of the best/worst rom-coms.Katie

    The Proposal
    Have y'all seen this? It's about a fake engagement, I think, but does it really matter? All rom-coms are the same. (Sexual tension! A lie! Resolution! Marriage!) Anyway, for years and years of my life, I thought I didn't like Sandra Bullock but turns out I was wrong. So wrong. This movie is no classic, but as soon as you watch the scene with Sandra Bullock running around the yard with Kevin the dog, you'll fall in love just like I did. Like, I might be descending into madness because "Scene with Kevin the Dog" is literally the funniest thing in the world to me right now. Thanks, Sandra.

    I think technically Elizabethtown falls into the "dramedy" category of movies but like, I ain't trying to make my life that complicated. I actually saw this movie way after it was a thing. Like when people were swooning over Kirsten Dunst's red hat on Livejournal in 2005 I totally did not get the reference. As it turns out, this movie is great! Again, totally nonsensical, but great. Orlando Bloom's dad dies so he goes on this journey (physically AND spiritually) to figure out his life and Kirsten makes him a scrapbook that's totally weird and stalker-y and wonderful. Also, the soundtrack is the bomb.com.

    She's The Man
    It has come to my attention that some people don't enjoy this movie, which seems like a sin. There is not a single thing to dislike about this movie. It's Amanda Bynes dressing up like a boy. It's Channing Tatum shirtless. (He is such a blockhead, but he is a lovable blockhead.) It's a tender, heartwarming tale about... something. In any case, it's proof that the universe loves us and wants us to be happy.

    This Means War
    THE BEST MOVIE EVER MADE? PROBABLY. The plot is the dumbest thing anyone in Hollywood has ever come up with (two spies vying for Reese's attention, how wAckY), but Tom Hardy is soooo cuuuute and this paintball scene exists and ugh, Calgon, take me away.

    All About Steve
    This movie is really, really bad. Sandra Bullock stalks B. Coop's character all around the country (the country!!!) in the hopes of winning his affection. This movie is good to have on hand because if you're feeling particularly stalker-ish over a certain dude (or, say, boy bands in general),  you can watch this and feel 100 times better about yourself. Perfect for Valentine's Day.