• Ringing in the New Year

    This New Year's Eve, we hung out with three best friends: Anajah, Samia and Jessica. These friends and creatives live and work in New York City (yes, the city that never sleeps), and we couldn't wait to see how they chose to spend their NYE.

    Above: Big Heart Neon Sign

    Having a low-key NYE is waaaay better than going out and spending a bunch of money. Think about it: Before you've even bought a drink, you usually have to shell out at least $50 to get into a bar on NYE. Why don't you stay home and treat yourself instead? Load up on confetti, party fringe, and balloons to make your own apartment festive. (Doesn't matter how tiny it is! The tinier the better!) Set up a cute and sparkly picture corner for guests.

    Above: Motel Cadence Oversized Sequin Cropped Top

    Grab a couple of Disco Sippers for your guests, too! They're perfect for NYE and will also help keep you feeling festive through the rest of winter. (It's so much more fun to drink water out of the disco sipper, too. You can make sure you're staying hydrated!)

    Above: Motel Jessie Sequin Bra Top

    Demand that your friends come in all their sparkliest gear. Download the Kira Kira app and make sure to document everyone in all their glittering glory. If you don't feel like shelling out the cash for a sequin dress that you'll never wear January-November, hit up the thrift store with a few buds and hunt down the sparkling dresses of your dreams for cheap.

    Above: The Ragged Priest Sauce Sequin Mini Dress

    Once you start to get a little stir crazy in your apartment, head out for some snacks. We recommend hitting up Sbarro like Michael Scott. (Just kidding.) After you've filled your belly with a greasy slice, grab some confetti, find a rooftop with a city view, and count down to midnight with your BFFs. Instagramming the whole thing, obviously. Happy 2018!

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