• Review: Crosley Floral Executive Turntable

    I think I'm in love but it makes me kind of nervous to say so...because it's with a record player. Is that weird? This Crosley Portable Record Player, printed in a purple calico pattern, is like something out of a Wes Anderson-directed dream, so naturally it fit perfectly into my super cute, weirdly violet-centric life. But this baby has more going for it than just its faux-vintage hot bod, because it sounds just as good as it looks, playing LPs at 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM. The sound from the built-in speakers is beautifully clear. And, of course, the player is portable so you can just snap it all up like a brief case and take it to wherever you want to go: your tree house, your college library where everybody is studying in silence or a party so you can DJ it with some Classixx or Justin Timberlake. Go crazy! Hazel

    Here's the player in action spinning the Dum Dum Girls flexi-disc from the Rookie Yearbook: