• Urban Renewal Diary: January

    We had amazing and surprising month of scores in our Urban Renewal world. First came a visit to a rag house in Los Angeles. Rag houses are huge warehouses full of recycled and vintage textiles sorted into 100 lb "bales" piled high to the ceiling.  This is where we regularly scour and dig for raw materials that go into our remade collections.  On this particular trip we were searching for distressed denim for Fall 2010.

    Then mid-month came a surprise call from an associate announcing an auction of her amazing vintage archive, which was used to inspire designers world-wide. 

    Here is her collection before we purchased it:

    And after we loaded it into our rental truck to take it to its new home in Philadelphia:

    And once we were able to dig in and sort it out, we discovered scores galore:

    Coming soon to an Urban Outfitters near you!—UO Renewal

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